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View of St Ives

As the first signs of spring appear, the weather begins to warm and the icy chill that has held us in its grip for months finally starts to loosen, minds will, naturally, turn to summer holidays.

Close your eyes and picture it…

Aquamarine seas spreading out as far as the eye can see. Cloudless azure skies stretching high above you. The sun beating down on your back as you stroll languidly along white sandy shorelines. Gulls cawing softly in the distance as the taste of saltwater dances across your lips. 

Now, open your eyes.

Where did you imagine you were? The Algarve? The South of France? A Mediterranean retreat? A quaint Greek island, seemingly frozen in time, untouched by the trappings of modern life?

Or, how about somewhere closer to home?

Because sure, a Greecian island may seem like the ideal summer holiday destination on the surface. 

But, when it comes down to the realities of international travel, all the extra expenses you incur and hassle you face when jetting off on a European holiday, is it really worth it?

Well, we decided to investigate just that. 

For savvy travellers, there’s no place like home

More and more people are opting to explore the undiscovered gems and stunning treasures found within the UK’s landscape. 

The ‘staycation’ has risen in popularity over recent years, not just because it’s often a more cost-effective option, but also because the United Kingdom has some truly gorgeous destinations that rival even the most luxurious of foreign locales. 

A push for national regeneration of British tourist destinations has led to the formation of government schemes such as the Future of Seaside Towns select committee and the Tourism Sector Deal

Projects like these have reframed the perception of domestic travel. 

For Briton’s today, holidaying within the UK is no longer a simple matter of convenience; it’s a genuine treat which offers travellers luxury destinations and world-class experiences.

Another attractive aspect of the British staycation is the reduced environmental impact of domestic travel. As people become aware of issues such as the environmental damage caused by commercial air travel, staying within the UK has risen in popularity. 

There’s plenty of logical reasons to prefer a vacation on UK soil this summer. 

However, perhaps the most influential factor in deciding to stay closer to home this year is the abundance of charming towns, picturesque villages, breathtaking beaches and historic destinations across the UK. 

And, nowhere has more to offer its visitors this summer than Cornwall.

The benefits of a luxury Cornish holiday

The Celtic county, with a fierce sense of self and strong pride in its cultural and culinary history, sits perched at the very southernmost tip of England. 

Cornwall has given inspiration to and been the home of, renowned writers, painters and sculptors, who have all drawn on the county’s landscapes in their work. 

A brief glance at these works of art and it’s no wonder that the scenic settings of Cornwall continue to bring in over 4 million visitors each year.

But, despite welcoming millions of visitors each year, the picturesque county rarely feels crowded. And, if you’re not afraid to go off the beaten track, there is a wealth of hidden coves to explore and secret paths to meander along during your stay. 

For a less physically taxing way to take in the landscapes, a boat excursion can provide a stylish and visually stunning day out along Cornwall’s dramatic coastlines. 

And, for gourmets and gastronomes, Cornwall has plenty to offer in the way of world-class food. Cornwall is home to Michelin starred chefs Nathan Outlaw and Paul Ainsworth and Bib Gourmand awardees including Kota in Porthleven and The Sardine Factory in Looe

There’s no doubt that Cornwall has luxury aplenty for any visitors wishing to indulge in an opulent coastal escape. 

But, just how does cost of a stay in the dramatic coastal county compare to some of Europe’s top luxury destinations?

Luxury Holidays Europe vs Luxury Cornwall Holidays in numbers

The true value of a holiday, of course, isn’t simply about the costs. But, price is an important consideration when planning a summer escape. 

From airport transfers, transport for getting around while you’re there and a potentially inflated cost of living, travelling abroad can have a number of additional expenses that are avoided when you stay within the UK. 

Plus there are the non-financial advantages of staying in the UK. 

Things such as avoiding the seemingly neverending queues at passport control, not having to worry about flexing your secondary school Spanish or French and not being restricted by conservative luggage weight restrictions are all massive benefits to staying in the UK.

To investigate the differences in luxury holidays in Europe compared to Cornish luxury holidays, our study compared five idyllic Cornish destinations with five popular places for luxury European holidays. 

All of the luxury, less of the hassle

We looked at things such as travel costs, the price of a meal for two and how much a luxury self-catering villa would be for two people for a seven-night stay. 

While, of course, these prices could be beaten with budget airlines or cheaper accommodation, we’ve considered quality as well as cost when drawing up this comparison. 

All the comparisons within our study have been made between accommodation, services and experiences of equal standards of quality. We calculated costs based on two people, travelling in the middle of August and staying for seven nights. 

As you can see from the data, Cornwall is a far more cost-effective option for a luxury summer escape. And, when you venture south to this charming county, you’ll avoid the extra stresses of international travel.

A luxury holiday in Cornwall is, undoubtedly, a fantastic option for anyone planning this year’s summer escape. 

If you’re looking for a fantastic luxury coastal property to reside in during your stay in beautiful Cornwall, look no further than Carbis Bay Holidays’s range of luxury properties situated around Carbis Bay and St Ives.