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Cornwall is iconic for many things. Surfing, beaches, pasties, pubs. But no trip to Cornwall is complete without picking up some of our classic fudge. We’ve picked out a selection of the very best fudge in Cornwall for you to try out on your visit and it will be a challenge for you to come away without emptying your wallets!

Our Top 10 Places to Get the Best Fudge in Cornwall

1. Rodda’s

We have to start with the most iconic and well-known brand of fudge in the county. You can find Rodda’s fudge almost anywhere, their clotted cream flavour being an instant standout for even the most amateur of fudge connoisseurs. 

With its origins in Redruth, Rodda’s has been making clotted cream since 1890 and the level of care they put into their cream comes out in their fudge, which is always something rich and crumbles in your mouth. There’s no such thing as just having one with Rodda’s; your hand will always be straying back into the tin for seconds and thirds. 

2. Cornish Delights

Established in Looe in 1968, Cornish Delights’ traditional fudge is made the traditional way on open flame copper pans, filling the classic treat with that irresistible quality all fudge-lovers crave. 

They boast a wide selection of flavours from the classics like vanilla and caramel sea salt to some more exciting flavours like pink gin, lemon meringue and chocolate peppermint. There’s something for everyone no matter your tastes and you can enjoy the crumbling melting goodness as you wander around Looe’s pretty arcing beaches, basking in the gorgeous ocean views.

3. Roly’s

A family-run shop in St. Ives, Roly’s is renowned for its crumbly homemade fudge, made fresh every day, bringing a quality, heart-warming experience to locals and tourists alike. It’s a great treat to have while browsing St. Ives’ many galleries or while taking a walk along one of their many beaches. There’s no better way to enjoy their fudge, lounging in the sun or walking along the wild lush headlands of the coast. 

Roly’s has a wide selection of flavours for you to choose from. They have your classics like chocolate and rum n’ raisin as well as a variety of unique flavours that emulate some of the best treats going in the food industry, such as cherry Bakewell, strawberry and cream and raspberry pavlova. They even have vegan options for the salted maple and pecan fudge and the chocolate orange so anyone can enjoy their tasty snacks.

4. Granny Wobbly’s

Granny Wobbly’s fudge pantry opened in 1996 in Wadebridge, a family-owned shop famous for its crumbly fudge. It was named after the owner’s grandmother who always baked fudge and fudge cake, putting family directly at the heart of the shop and promising a warm-hearted and wholesome experience.

They stick with the classic flavours that everyone knows and loves, including maple and walnut, butterscotch and salted caramel. Their fudge is made from the heart and is bound to bring up feelings of nostalgia that only the best fudge in Cornwall can do. And if that wasn’t enough, they also have a weekly mystery flavour so be sure to always make return visits so you don’t miss out on something truly delicious!

5. The Cornish Candy Shoppe

A quaint, charming little store on the bustling streets of St. Ives, with stunning views over the bay, the Cornish Candy shoppe is your one-stop-shop for all your sweet confectionery needs, established in 1976 and still going strong today. 

Their fudge is soft and creamy and you will become the epitome of the child caught with their hand in the cookie jar. They have fudge nut sundae bars for a fresh, all-round experience as well as several twin fudge bars such as their chocolate-peppermint split and their strawberry-clotted cream split. Some of their fudges are even chocolate-coated including their Irish cream bar, their millionaire shortcake bar and a mouth-watering Turkish delight that is bound to enchant any curious shopper.

6. Fudge and More

Over in St. Mawe’s, Fudge and More specialise in divine and exquisite fudges, pairing Cornish homemade goodness with the very best of Belgian chocolate (anyone who’s ever been to Belgium knows they do the best chocolate in the world so this is a winning combination!)

Nothing is better than buying some of the high-quality fudge and then going on a stroll around the picturesque quayside town, fronted by clear blue waters and backed by the best of the charming Cornish countryside. You can even take a visit up to the old St. Mawe’s castle built by Henry VIII and take a stroll through the charming ruins, sealing the experience off with the wonderful sensation of chocolate-coated fudge melting in your mouth. After all, Henry VIII was all about luxury and decadence!

7. Rebecca’s

Rebecca’s is a fun and bright shop by the coast in Perranporth. It is virtually impossible to miss due to its colourful display and boasts a wide selection of award-winning fudge that ensures there’s something for everyone. Rebecca’s has everything – and we mean everything – from cherry fudge to ginger fudge to spiced apple fudge and blueberry cheesecake fudge. 

Every visit will be an adventure as you try something new and unique each time and there’s plenty to do in Perranporth to keep you entertained as you eat your fudge from a visit to the wide sandy stretch of Perranporth Beach to visiting the museum or the Black Flag Brewery.

8. Fowey Sweet Shop

Fowey Sweet Shop is dedicated to modernising the classic confectionery shop aesthetic, putting their sweets in jars and bags and providing customers with a smooth and sophisticated experience, bringing style to the world of eating fudge. 

They sell a wide variety of confectionery that will satisfy any customer and their range of fudge is traditional and mouth-watering, sure to be loved by all. This includes all the classic flavours as well as some fresh and exciting ones such as banoffee, cappuccino, chocolate raspberry chilli and gin and lemon, sure to cater to all tastes and providing the perfect end to a day spent visiting Fowey, a gorgeous, charming little town known for its pretty toy town aesthetic and its rich blue waters.

9. Purely Cornish

Purely Cornish down in East Looe is a big seller of Cornish produce, with a handsome selection of fudge on offer alongside all their foods such as Cornish cheeses, beers and freshly cooked meats. Their fudge range includes a wide range of brands from Rodda’s to Buttermilk, ensuring that there’s something for everyone, especially those who like specific types of fudge. After all, no two brands’ fudges taste the same, so if you have a favourite, chances are you’ll find it here!

Shopping for fudge at Purely Cornish is a great way to cap off a trip to Looe, a popular coastal town with memorable attractions such as the Monkey Sanctuary, as well as a selection of beaches and a coastal walk from Looe to Polperro which is a fantastic way to drink in the sights of the rugged Cornish cliffs and take in the best of Cornwall’s coastal charm.

10. Buttermilk

Buttermilk forms the indulgent heart of Padstow, a coastal town, ringed in by elegant boats and opening out onto the rolling green fields of the Cornish countryside, gifting you with the perfect atmosphere in which to enjoy their divine and irresistible fudge. 

On top of their fudge selection – which includes a Christmassy mince pie fudge, Irish cream and caramel sea salt – you can also sample a wide range of other sweets. There is something for everyone at Buttermilk, all wrapped up in modern and colourful packaging, which is the icing on the cake to create a perfect and satisfying experience. 

Fudge is one of the pride and joys of Cornwall, as the confectioners use locally sourced products to give you the best fudge in Cornwall money can buy. And where better to enjoy fudge that melts in your mouth and opens your eyes to a whole new world of fudge flavours than the quintessentially charming coast and countryside of England’s quaintest county?

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