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View of St Ives

Shopping in St Ives is so much more than a cobblestone path full of coffee shops and galleries. One of the reasons we love the town so much is because it seems to have become a unique brand hotspot. 

Fore Street and Tregenna Place are well known for its quirky Cornish vibe. Its maze of tiny alleyways that could lead you in any direction (normally to a coffee stop) are fun to explore as are the many fabulous eateries that draw you in when those lunch and dinner hunger pangs hit you. But what helps bring magic to the streets in St Ives, are all the unique shops that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

If you are one for spending time in the usual shops you love, then don’t fret. There are still a plethora of your usual high street stores to make you feel at home. But to really experience the individuality of St Ives, you must journey into the little known independents.

Should I Coco

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Should I Coco brings all the love we have for chocolate and levels it up. 

Should I Coco artisan handmade chocolate will be making you lick your lips in delight as you peruse the incredible different creations that adore their shelves. They have everything from Chocograms, which you can have personalised for that special someone, to chocolate tools, high heels and even skulls. There is a chocolaty choice for everyone. 

For those who fancy making their own, they offer chocolate making workshops, Covid-19 allowing.

You can find out more about the pleasure-filled chocolate experiences they offer right here.

Cream Cornwall

From homeware, kitchen, and dining to accessories, Cream Cornwall offers a stunning range of products that have been masterfully crafted to transform your home into an Atlantis. The beautifully artistic pieces are more than just plates and mugs. 

Their reef collection flows with colour and a unique underwater vibe that is stunning. The range boasts an array of products that vary from cushions to coasters, giving you a huge choice of beautiful wares to decorate your home.

If you are more for subtleties but still want a sense of classic in your home, then head over to the Nankersey coastal collection. Designed with that retro beach vibe in mind, this time-honoured collection of very British wares will give you impressions of a stately home or seaside feel. 

Common Wanderer

Helping bring sustainability and environmentally conscious brands together, The Common Wanderer is more than just an outdoor adventure shop, it’s a promise to keep the great outdoors and you, safe. 

The Common Wanderer has clearly spent a lot of time and research into the brands that make up this eco-adventurers emporium. Combining well-known businesses such as Fjällräven all the way to local Cornish favourites, Finisterre, you know that what you are buying is having the least impact on the beautiful outdoor regions that we love to roam but with a quality that will last a lifetime. 


With a history of travelling the world, Sweetlime brings inspiration from around the globe into a perfect little cove of wonders in St Ives. With unique products in homeware and jewellery, there is something to catch the eye for everyone. 

As you take a stroll through the store, you take in the colours and passion from the different cultures that have been pulled together to create the pieces you see. These handmade fascinating products have been conceived with culture and quality in mind. 

St Ives Bookseller

The St Ives Bookseller proves that the little book shop is still in demand. Its cosy interior boasts a floor to ceiling showcase of all the latest and greatest books you can find. No matter if its science fiction, biographies or picturesque coffee table books that float your boat, this bookseller has it. 

Their oak bookcases and Cornish slate floors give it a homely feel, while the friendly knowledgeable staff, are always keen to answer your literary questions.


Brocante is ‘A place to find the unexpected’ the owners Kieron and David boast. The shop holds a plethora of artwork in the form of clothing, homeware and gifts. The stunning interior of the store has products cascading over two floors in one of the many historic buildings of St Ives. You will be hard-pressed to find a better place to grab a memory of our wonderful town to take home with you.


Having been a part of St Ives since 1894, Johns liquor cellar is a part of its history. Wielding an unruly amount of different brands and beautiful beers, Johns has within it, a treasure trove of unusual and exclusive bottled alcohol that will blow your mind. The variety is something rarely seen, and the bottles themselves are of incredible craftsmanship.

Little Goat Gruff

This lovely little store is all about young families. Run by a husband and wife team, all of their products have been tried and tested by them. With another sustainable and ethical stance on its products, this beautiful store further underlines the sustainability x-factor of the St Ives high street. They range from clothing and toys to ethical soaps and beauty cubes. This one of a kind shop encompasses the principle that children are the future, so let’s help to protect them.

This small list of shops showcases just a few that bring charm to this high street. There is so much more to experience than just the shopping in St Ives mind you. (although we do love shopping) The magic that St Ives has to offer is quite frankly, endless and we hope to see you roaming the streets and independents soon.