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the Best Ice Cream Parlours in Cornwall

Are you looking for the Best Ice Cream Parlours in Cornwall? You’re in luck! It just so happens to be home to some of the best ice cream parlours in the entire country.

We’ll highlight some of the best and most interesting ice cream parlours in Cornwall in this post. From well-known brands you may already have heard of to independent, quirky parlours not to be missed — Cornwall is somewhat of an ice cream goldmine.

Roskilly’s Organic Farm

Cows, cones and Cornish ice cream. What a combo! 

Roskilly’s is a leading brand for ice cream in Cornwall, and their organic farm in the Lizard just so happens to be one of the county’s most impressive ice cream parlours. They produce all ice cream on the farm, for which there are more than 30 incredible flavours to try. However, you may not want to attempt all 30 in one sitting.

This isn’t your average ice cream parlour. At Roskilly’s Organic Farm, you can stroll through the lush meadows, interact with the animals and even watch their Jersey cows being milked. Then, once you’ve spent some time enjoying your surroundings, you can head over to the ice cream parlour. The farm environment and welcoming nature of Roskilly’s ensure that this is a fantastic day out for adults and children alike. If you’re in the area, Roskilly’s Organic Farm is well worth checking out.

Mr B’s Ice Cream Parlour

Mr B’s is a Cornish ice cream brand based in the centre of Hayle, with two parlours open seven days a week. They produce a vast array of flavours using locally sourced produce combined with Italian ingredients. They have gained a fantastic reputation for being a brand and parlour striving to stand out from the crowd. Their ice cream flavours vary from the classics to unique, eye-catching creations.

You’ll soon find that a visit to Mr B’s offers variety and then some. From ice cream to sorbets to eat-in desserts to chocolate-dipped cones — it’s safe to say the owners of this particular parlour are a creative bunch who love to please their customers. Another great aspect of their brand is their ice cream van, which is available to hire for weddings and other special occasions. If you’re looking for the best ice cream in Cornwall, Mr B’s is most definitely in the running.

Moomaid of Zennor

Moomaid of Zennor is a luxury Cornish ice cream brand based in the small village of Zennor, famous for the legend of ‘The Mermaid of Zennor’. Hence the use of such a fantastic pun for the company name. Their family-owned dairy farm produces ice cream in Cornwall, which they serve at their two ice cream parlours, in St Ives and Porthtowan — as well as a pop-up parlour ‘Moomaid in the Field’, which overlooks their beautiful farm.

You couldn’t wish for a better selection of flavours. They range from traditional favourites such as Honeycomb and Vanilla Bean & Cornish Clotted Cream to unique creations such as Limoncello Lemon Curd and Salted Caramel Praline. Fortunately for you, both parlours are only a short drive from Carbis Bay and St Ives accommodation.

Callestick Ice Cream Parlour

Callestick Farm is renowned for being one of the most popular and beloved ice cream brands in Cornwall. They’re a family-owned business with a rich history and are among the leading companies for ice cream in Cornwall. A visit to their parlour really is something special. It’s located on their working farm, just a stone’s throw away from North Cornwall’s coast — where the grass is green, and the fresh air is clean!

Whether you’re looking for a nice spot to relax in the sun or wind down after a day at the beach, their spacious courtyard and parlour serve a range of delicious ice cream, treats and hot & cold drinks. However, if the weather isn’t the best, you can always take a load off in their cosy tearoom. Dogs are welcome (if they’re well behaved); there’s no entry fee and no need to book ahead. Just turn up and sample all the delights Callestick Farm has to offer!

Perran Dairy

Perran Dairy has served handmade ice cream in Cornwall for over 50 years. Using Cornish clotted cream and fresh milk, they provide customers with a delicious and authentic Cornish ice cream experience. Perran Dairy is recognised as one of Cornwall’s best ice cream parlours, not to mention being voted as the eighth-best ice cream parlour in the UK

Just a short walk from Perranporth beach, this parlour is the ideal place to pick up a treat — take our word for it, the selection of goodies is incredible. With an impressive range of Cornish ice creams, crepes, Belgian waffles, tasty sundaes and even pizzas if you’re especially peckish — Perran Dairy simply refuses to disappoint!

Who Makes the Best Ice Cream in Cornwall?

Unfortunately, this is an impossible question to answer as every parlour provides a unique customer experience, a wide range of flavours to try and an environment that will make you fall in love with Cornwall. The best thing about the ice cream parlours in Cornwall is that they are all so different and have a passion for producing high-quality treats using local produce.

During your stay with Carbis Bay Holidays, we would be more than happy to provide you with some local insight and recommendations for tracking down the best ice cream — or anything else you require. Cornwall is a county where hidden gems can be found far and wide; you just have to know where to go looking!

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