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Going on holiday means typically straying into the unknown and exploring the delights that your new surroundings are offering. The culinary delights are often our go-to for memorable experiences in new places; however, as the summer draws in and the Cornish coastline starts to fill with the most stunning sunsets that the U.K can offer, what better way to enjoy it than with a good old fashioned Cornish beer in hand. 

We have compiled a list of delicious Cornish beers that will rattle your taste buds and have you craving another. So while the sun sets and the sky turns a warm orange, why not seek out some of these traditional Cornish beverages to enjoy.

Korev – The easy-going beer.

Korev’s flavours are described as crisp, clean, fresh and delicate. It is a perfect beer for those summer beach evenings or to accompany a meal in your favourite cornish restaurant. It is not an overpowering beer and, at 4.8%, feels more like drinking a light beer than some of the stronger ales and lagers that Cornwall has to offer. 

Photo by George Cox on Unsplash

Doom Bar – A lot less doom, a lot more flavour.

One of Cornwall pub’s favourites, Doom Bar is famous for its subtle yet complex flavours. This amber ale is perfect for an evening down to the local pub near your holiday complex. Although it is a great beer for any month of the year, we enjoy it in a traditional pub setting, preferably next to an open fireplace.

Tribute – The pubs favourite.

Tribute is difficult to miss on Cornish shores. You will find it in most pubs scattered around the county. It’s light, hoppy, zesty and easy to drink, making it a favourite summer beverage. It has a more robust flavour than the other St Austell brewery favourite, Korev, favouring a sweeter rather than bitter flavour.

Photo by Julia Nastogadka on Unsplash

Betty Stoggs – Old school beach vibes.

Betty Stoggs is not only a fantastic beverage, but it also soaked in history. The actual Betty Stoggs was said to have a golden heart, be a little fruity, and full-bodied. Skinners brewery has done a cracking job of epitomising her in the form of beer. This fun, aromatic and malty flavoured drink is the perfect accompaniment to a hearty stew or fish and chips. 

Photo by Josh Duncan on Unsplash

Proper Job – Classic Cornwall.

If you like a more bitter beer, then Proper Job could be the IPA you have been searching for. This modern beverage is perhaps the leader in Cornish IPAs. It has several awards to its name, like the prestigious Champion Bottle Beer at the Champion Beer of Britain awards and Champion Premium Best Bitter at the SIBA National Beer Festival. It is an absolute must-try.

Jubel – The baby of the group.

The brainchild of a group of adventuring surfers and skiers, Jubel’s gluten-free, vegan larger is our summer choice. Laced with various fruit from their peach favourite to a more citrusy grapefruit and elegant elderflower mean everyone has an option. Jubel is the youthful addition to our list of beers. Having been founded in 2018, it has already become a popular choice for both the younger and older beer-drinking generations.


Whether you are taking a summer break, winter hideaway, or just moving to our Cornish shores, you can be sure of a few things. You will see incredible sunsets, you will have an adventure, and always have a different beer to try. These are just six of the many local beers, lagers and ales you will find in our beloved county.