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Gin may not be the first drink that springs to mind when you think about Cornish tipple, but it actually has a long history in Cornwall.

Cornish gin is growing in popularity. You’ll find it in many bars and pubs across the county. Interested in sampling some during your next holiday? Fancy buying a Cornish gin gift for yourself or a loved one? Read our Cornish gin guide!

Tarquin’s Handcrafted Cornish Gin from Southwestern Distillery

Southwestern Distillery is an independent, family company. They handcraft Gin and Pastis in small batches (the old-fashioned way) by the coast of north Cornwall. Tarquin, the founder, pioneer and head distiller is so proud of the gin they have created, that he puts his name on every bottle.

Not only is his signature on every bottle, this award winning Cornish gin has some interesting flavour variations. Try the rhubarb and raspberry gin or the strawberry and lime flavour if you’re looking for something a little bit different.

Wondering which gin goes with ginger ale? Or which goes with elderflower tonic? The ginger adds a great balance to the rhubarb and raspberry, whereas the elderflower is great with the strawberry and lime. The original Tarquin’s gin is perfect with a slice of grapefruit. Tarquin’s makes a lovely refreshing drink for a summer’s evening.

Cornish Gin Guide, Tarquin's with Grapefruit

Trevethan Cornish Gin

Trevethan gin is a handmade gin which offers ‘a true taste of Cornish heritage’. The family recipe dates back to the 1920s and was originally created and perfected by by Norman Trevethan.

This Cornish gin has a complex flavour with subtle hints of citrus and floral notes, resulting in a light and refreshing drink. The secret family recipe includes some of the traditional botanicals such as Juniper, Coriander, Cassia and Angelica. It also features some less familiar botanicals like cardamom, orange peel, lemon peel and vanilla. Some of the botanicals are sourced from their very own hedgerows!

This unique gin is finished off with the finest Cornish Elderflower and Gorse flower, handpicked from the hedgerows of Trewonnard Dairy Farm in Treneglos to create a natural yet distinctive flavour. Enjoy this delicious Cornish gin with a picnic in the countryside.

Cornish Gin Guide, Trevethan Gin, Picnic

Elemental Cornish Gin

This artisan Cornish gin is produced in small batches, handcrafted in a traditional copper still using locally sourced Cornish spring water. The Elemental recipe includes twelve of the finest botanicals.

The name Elemental was chosen to remind us that gin production is an ancient process which depends on the elements of copper and water. These two elements also have strong links to Cornwall’s industrial and mining past.

It may be an ancient process but this gin has a sophisticated taste, ‘bringing the party to your table and the Great Gatsby to your glass.’ Ching ching! Why not add a touch of class to your holiday BBQ? Alternatively, take some home to add a refreshing taste of Cornwall to your next dinner party.

Cornish Gin Guide, Elemental Gin

Curio Gin from the Lizard

‘Dare to take a sip of the sublime’ with this quirky gin made on the Lizard Peninsula, the most southerly tip of Cornwall and the UK.

This Cornish gin has an intriguing and colourful bottle, much like the taste inside. The curious concoction is inspired by fragrant botanicals and natural ingredients, such as rock samphire and cardamom.

The master distillers at Curio have created a delicious craft gin with a distinctive taste. A vibrant gin which is ideal for a picnic or BBQ on the beach.

Cornish Gin Guide, Curio

The Wrecking Coast’s Clotted Cream Cornish Gin

Why not choose a gin which goes with your Cornish scone, jam and cream?! The Wrecking Coast Distillery’s clotted cream gin provides a true taste of Cornwall with a twist.

The Wrecking Coast is distilled in Tintagel on the rugged north Cornish coast. Tintagel saw many shipwrecks during Poldark days, hence the name of the gin. This sweet smuggler’s gin has a luxurious feel and is smooth on the palette. It’s lovely served on ice or with tonic and fresh strawberries for a posh cream tea!

They use the unique approach of building the gin around the clotted cream. This creates a velvety richness, the perfect balance to the traditional juniper notes. Divine! This will go nicely with a lovely homemade Cornish scone, strawberry jam and Cornish clotted cream. Jam first of course!

Cornish Gin Guide, Wrecking Coast Gin

Now you’ve read our guide to some of the best Cornish gin brands to try on your next holiday, all you need to do is book your accommodation in Cornwall! Find your perfect holiday home in St Ives and the surrounding areas.