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Cornwall is home to some of the UK’s most beautiful scenery and immersive rural environments, so it’s not rocket science to understand why so many people come to the county every year. Thanks to the abundance of nature to see and explore, the county is a particularly popular location for cyclists searching for the holy trail… We know, terrible pun, but it’s a fact. But, where are the best cycle trails in Cornwall?

Cycle trails in Cornwall provide an engaging, thoroughly enjoyable ride, and the mesmerising views are tough to rival. In this post, we’ll highlight some Cornwall cycle trails that suit the needs of every cyclist, from families to nature lovers to serious riders.

Family cycle trails in Cornwall

The Camel Trail

The Camel Trail is one of Cornwall’s most popular and much-loved family days out. Whether you’re an avid cyclist or simply someone who wants to see Cornish scenery from a saddle, this easy-going ride is the one for you. We say easy-going because it really is an easy and genuinely pleasant ride because it’s completely flat. This is because the entire 18-mile stretch follows an old railway line, hence the lack of inclines.

It’s a perfect ride for families because it suit’s every need and cycling skill level, and you can even hire a tandem bike if you’re feeling adventurous. Oh, and did we mention that the trail leads to Padstow, one of Cornwall’s go-to locations for a wide range of food, glorious food! Perfect for refuelling after a hefty ride.

Lanhydrock Bike Trail (National Trust)

This is one of many National Trust locations in Cornwall, and it’s definitely well worth a visit if you’re fond of cycling. Lanhydrock Bike Trail is not only immersive thanks to the woodland environment, but it’s also one of the best cycle trails in Cornwall because it caters to every ability, from beginner to advanced riders. It’s a wide trail with an excellent surface, meaning it’s suitable for both kids and adults.

You can find more information about Lanhydrock Bike Trail on their website, including their variety of trails to suit rider ability and more details about the location itself. 

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Trails for nature lovers

Goss More cycle trail

Goss More was previously well known for being somewhat of a nightmare for motorists, especially larger vehicles such as trucks that would get stuck in the bottleneck. However, these days Goss More is one of the lesser-known yet brilliant cycle trails in Cornwall. 

This multi-purpose trail is mostly off-road but is flat and easy-going, and the decent surface makes it an ideal jaunt for walking, cycling, horse-riding and wheelchair/mobility scooter users. It’s also a recognised National Nature Reserve owned by Natural England. This means there is plenty of rare plants to be seen and animals to spot along the way. 

The Clay Trails

Cornwall has a rich history of clay mining that dates back several hundreds of years, and tens of thousands of clay being mined in the process. Today, the St Austell area’s clay mining history can be seen in a number of locations, and the ‘Clay Trails’ provide the perfect environment for a peaceful, quiet ride.

This unique area was first opened to the public in 2005. Since then, nine trails are now available for you to explore and enjoy beautiful scenery you can see for many miles. The development and maintenance of the trails have made it a popular spot for cyclists, walkers, and horse riders. Plus, trees have been planted to transform the area, and environmental management plays a crucial role in ensuring wildlife and plants can thrive.

Cycle Trails for Cornish Heritage

The Great Flat Lode

The Great Flat Lode is one of Cornwall’s lesser-known heritage gems, and it’s quite a decent trail too! In fact, if you’re looking for a nice ride and an opportunity to absorb some knowledge about Cornish heritage, this is among the best cycle trails in Cornwall to suit your needs. 

It’s located in the Camborne/Redruth mining district, near Four Lanes — an area that’s world-famous for its mining history. The Great Flat Lode is a 12km circular cycle trail that’s part of the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site. Its name derives from a ‘lode’ of tin discovered lying at a 30-degree angle (rather than the regular 70 degrees) — therefore making it a great flat(ish) lode!

Along the trail, you’ll find plenty of sights and relics worth de-saddling for, such as old engine houses and the remains of mining machinery. You’ll even be able to stand over an old mining shaft, but don’t worry, there’s a sturdy metal grate to keep you safe. From here, you can also venture up to Carn Brea for a fantastic panoramic view of your surroundings and even see South Wheal Crofty, Cornwall’s last working tin mine.

Coast to Coast

This short and sweet cycle trail in Cornwall covers 11 miles from the north coast to the south coast, hence the name! Although it may not be the longest trail, relatively short for a cycle trail actually, it’s the perfect choice for a quick afternoon jaunt with friends and family. However, it would be a shame to rush through it and not take in your surroundings.

This old mineral railway provides an ideal, almost traffic-free setting for a lovely ride in the sunshine. As you make your way through the beautiful countryside, you’ll benefit from the lack of traffic and foot traffic, as it tends to be a nice ride for some peace and quiet. You’ll also stumble upon the occasional cafe, bike hire shops, some fishing villages, and a couple of pubs too. Not the worst way to spend an afternoon in the countryside, right?

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