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Cornish Ice Cream

A sunny day in Cornwall wouldn’t be complete without a refreshing ice cream. So, what are the most scrumptious Cornwall ice cream brands to lookout for?

Cornwall is famous for many different things, from its maritime history to beautiful beaches to being the birthplace of the pasty. But one thing you should never overlook when visiting Cornwall is the variety of delicious ice cream available. However, this isn’t your everyday ice cream produced by big-name brands. These are local brands that have worked hard from humble beginnings and established fantastic reputations within the county and beyond. Oh, and did we mention that the ice cream they make is incredible?

In this post, we’ll highlight some of the most delightful Cornish ice cream brands to lookout for during your holiday in Cornwall.

Roskilly’s Cornish Ice Cream

Roskilly’s organic farm is located on the southern tip of Cornwall. Since 1950 they have built up a fantastic business, starting with clotted cream and then in the 1980’s they began to produce ice cream. People love the ice cream and love what Roskilly’s stands for as a brand and local business. They only use their own milk and cream from their Jersey herd that graze on traditionally farmed and sustainable pastures.

Roskilly’s is well known for providing ice cream in a vast array of delicious flavours. Offering a new, refreshing experience every time you try something from their organic farm. They also offer dairy-free alternatives, sorbets and frozen yoghurts. There are no one-trick ponies on this farm!

Callestick Farm

Callestick Farm isn’t your everyday ice cream brand. They’re a hard-working farm with a rich history and fantastic journey. The farm was bought in 1935 and now, all these years later, is a leading dairy brand in Cornwall and a fourth-generation family business, with the fifth generation playing a vital role as product taste testers.

Callestick’s excellent range of ice cream is made on their farm, using fresh milk from a free-range herd, natural ingredients, and rich double cream or Cornish clotted cream. Their team works tirelessly to produce an incredible selection of flavours that suit the needs of every ice cream lover! While the ice cream’s scrumptious flavour is indeed breathtaking, the benefits go beyond that. Their milk also provides lots of beneficial vitamins and minerals thanks to their grass-fed herd.

Moomaid of Zennor

Before we talk about ice cream or farms, can we take a moment to appreciate ‘Moomaid’? Incredible pun!

Moomaid of Zennor is a family-owned dairy farm that produces a delicious range of Cornish ice cream and sorbets. All of their products are made from fresh milk and cream sourced from their Friesian dairy herd — which is then combined with a selection of locally grown ingredients.

Their impressive range of flavours includes many of the classics as well as some unique flavours you’ll only get from Moomaid of Zennor. These include Clotted Cream and Vanilla Bean, Salted Almond Praline, and their famous sea salt caramel, honeycomb and fudge ice cream called ‘Shipwreck’.

Tallships Creamery

Tallships Creamery is a humble yet innovative Cornish ice cream brand. It began when its owners fell in love with a small shop in the historic port of Charlestown. Their passion for creating new and exciting ice cream, sorbets and frozen yoghurts put them on a path to establish one of Cornwall’s most unique ice cream companies.

As a brand, they are recognised for combining natural ingredients, authentic taste and traditional Cornish ice cream production methods. They are well known for being passionate about experimenting and offering a range of conventional and unique flavours. Tallships Creamery provides customers with a unique experience and consistently pushes boundaries, gaining them a reputation for being one of Cornwall’s must-try ice cream brands.

Mr. B’s

Now for something a little bit different. Mr. B’s is an artisan ice cream brand located in Hayle, open seven days a week. While they are very much a Cornwall ice cream company, as they use locally sourced ingredients, the use of Italian flavouring sets them apart from other Cornish ice cream brands. ‘Cornitalian’, if you like.

They have over 200 flavours available, with each shop holding 16 flavours at a time and rotating to keep things fresh and appealing for customers. They really do have something to suit everyone, seriously. From sweet to sour to salty and even spicy — their wide range of flavours has made them hugely popular among locals and tourists. So, if you happen to venture to Charlestown for the day, Mr. B’s is a Cornish ice cream brand not to be missed.

Before reading this article, you may not have known that Cornwall ice cream was such a big deal, but as you can see, Cornish folk are very passionate about producing some top tier ice creamy goodness! Are you coming to Cornwall anytime soon, or are you a local in need of a new ice cream brand to try? Now have a delightful list of Cornish ice cream brands, with hundreds of flavours to choose from.

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